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1code   1code
AdWre1   Advent Wreath
AdWreBlue   Advent Wreath Blue
AdWreDigit   Advent Wreath Digital
AdWreFlow   Advent Wreath Flowers
AdWreStar   Advent Wreath Star
AdWreStrip   Advent Wreath Stripes
AdWreZigZag   Advent Wreath Zig
AniDinSet   Animal Dinner Plates
aniglass   Animal Glasses
bfcat   Best Friend Cat
bfdoxie   Best Friend Dachshund
bfdog   Best Friend Dog
bestfrimug   Best Friend Mug Set of 4
BFPlates   Best Friend Plates
bfpug   Best Friend Pug
8canist   Best Friend Treat Jar
BikBowl   Bike & Bowl
BikPlatt   Bike Platter
bchbowl4   Birch Bowl set of 4
bchdsrt4   Birch Dessert Plates Set of 4
birchDset   Birch Dessert Set
birchplate   Birch Dinner Plate
birchmgset   Birch Mug Set
OvalPLATBir   Birch Oval Platter
bBowl   Birch Serving Bowl
BirNest   birdie and a nest
BOWpltt   Birds on a Platter
bowSB   Birds on a Serving Bowl
bowdsrtset   Birds on a Wire Dessert Set
bowdnr   Birds on a Wire Dinner Plate
bowmgs   Birds on a Wire Mug Set
bowdsrt   Birds on a Wire Plate set of 4
Bdoor   Brooklyn Heights
LoveBugM   Bug Mug
freeCake   Cake
MelChanFL   Changes, Fall
MelChanSpr   Changes, Spring
MelChanSum   Changes, Summer
MelChanWTer   Changes, Winter
cakeplate   Construction Cake Plate
MelConDog   Construction Dog
truck1   Construction Trucks Set of 4
CustomDP   Custom Dessert Plates
CustomPL   Custom Dinnerplate
Custom   Custom Dinnerware
CustomMG   Custom Mugs
CustPLATTER   Custom Platter
CustomSRB   Custom Serving Bowl
CustomSB   Custom Soup Bowls
freeEDBM   Eat Drink and Be Merry
eldplates   Elm Dessert Plate Set
cakeplateF1   Fairy Cake Plate
DessertplateF1   Fairy Dessert Plates Set of 4
MelFamPlate   Family Tree Plate
thefamilytreeLB2   Family Tree Plate
FamilyTreeLB2P   Family Tree Platter
MelFamPlatter   Family Tree Platter
fauGLAs   Faux Bois
freeFB   Faux Bois Freebie
MelRosePlate   Gwendy Rose
freeHC   Happy Couple Freebie
HPMug   Happy Places
heartdesset   i heart mug dessert set
iheartmug   i heart mug set of 4
IniVOT   Initial Votive
MelitGrow   It Grows
MelSeaPlate   Lily Plate
MelSeaPlatter   Lily Platter
UESpooLG   Limited Edition Large Spoon
MDPlatter   Limited Edition Medium Platter
UPitch   Limited Edition Pitcher
LGPlatter   Limited Edition Platter
LGBWPlat2   Limited Edition Platter 2
LESmabowl   Limited Edition Small Bowl
UESpooS   Limited Edition Small Spoon
LB2Platt   Love Bird 2 Platter
dessertplateLB2   Love Bird Dessert Plate Set of 4
dessertmugslb2   Love Bird Dessert Set
LB2Dinnerplate   Love Bird Dinner Plate
LB2mug   Love Bird Mug
lb2BOWL   Love Bird Serving Bowl
LB2soup4   Love Bird Soup Bowl Set of 4
lbugPLA   Love Bug Dessert Plate Set of 4
LBugDset   Love Bug Dessert Set
MWagPlatter   Meat Wagon Platter
minemug   Mine Mug
mnyrsset   Mine Yours Set
MelMonster   Monster Plate
MrCDesPlate   Mr Crow Dessert Plate Set
MrCDinner   Mr Crow Dinner Plate
MrCMug   Mr Crow Mug Set
MelPiraPlate   Pirate Boy
MelPirabowl   Pirate Joe Bowl
MelSparkQue   Queen Sparkles
MelFaibo   Queen Sparkles Bowl
MelFaiPlate   Queen Sparkles Platter
GLsInitial   Recycled Monogram
freefleur   Roses for You
SafeMug   Safety Flag
SafeToGo   Safety Flag To Go
SkyLinePL   Sky Line Dessert Plates
SkyMapPlatter   Sky Map Platter
SkyPlatter   Sky Platter
skytogo   Skyline to Go
tatdplset   Tattoo Dessert Plates
tatdrtset   Tattoo Dessert Set
tatmgset   Tattoo Mug Set of 4
tatTOGO   Tattoo To Go
TeaMugse   Tea Mug Set
TogoApl   To Go Apple
togomug   To Go Mug
tdoor   Tribeca
EsideDoor   Upper East Side
OddSet   Wild Thing Gift Set
ODCMugs   Wild Thing Mug Set
OddPlat   Wild Things Platter
WSMug2   Written In Stone Set of 2 Mugs
WSDplates   Written In Stone Set of 4 Dessert Plates
WSMug4   Written In Stone Set of 4 Mugs
freeUDidit   You Did It Freebie
yoursmug   Your Mug
silhoplate   Your Silhouette

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