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Can I add more than 2 initials to the Birch Design?
It depends on what you want to squeeze in there. We've had short last names that look great, but over 5 characters total really don't work. Email us for more info; info@rustdesigns.com
Can I add names to a Family Tree Platter that I ordered a while ago?
Yes, we can add names, as long as there is space on the plate or platter. We can't cover leaves or branches. Just send us a photo of the plate/platter and where you'd like the name added and we'll let
Can I break up a set?
I'm afraid we don't break up sets as a rule. Sometimes we have damage and as a result sets aren't complete. If you're not in a hurry for your order that could be an option (it could take several mont
Can I change my shipping address?
Yes, you can change it no problem. If you created an account log in and change it right there. If you didn't create an account, email us at info@rustdesigns.com We'll update your order for you.
Can I expedite my order?
Yes, the best way to get your order to you quickly is to click 2 day air in your shipping options. Please be sure you let us know about your deadline on the order form. If you want your order tomorro
Dishwasher and Microwave Safe?
All of our products are dishwasher and microwave safe, with the exception of products with gold and melamine products. We recommend that you hand-wash all products with gold, repeated dish-washing wi
Do you gift wrap?
We don't gift wrap. We do however wrap all of our products so that when they arrive they are presented very nicely. We also wrap everything in 100% recyclable material, which I think looks really coo
Do you participate in donation requests?
We get a ton of requests every year and we just can't participate in every request. We also prefer to stay local, so if you're in the Los Angeles area there is a good chance we'll participate. If you
Do you ship overseas?
Yes, we do ship overseas. For pricing if you would put your items in the cart and click checkout. At that point the cart will give you a shipping cost. You don't need to enter any personal info at th
How can I add a gift card to my order?
During check out click the gift option. You'll see a box for entering your gift note. Some browsers don't show this option. If this happens to you don't worry just email us your order number and we'l
How long will my order take?
Generally orders take 5 business days to produce + time in transit. If you live on the east coast it's a min of 10 business days for your order to arrive at your door.
My personalization is wrong!
I'm so very sorry your personalization arrived incorrect. This doesn't happen with any frequency but we are human and mistakes do happen. If the mistake is incorrect do to our error we will replace y
What happens when my order arrives damaged
All of our orders are shipped with insurance and will be replaced no questions asked as long as you provide a photograph of the damaged item. Knowing where items are damaged helps us prevent it in th
What's our dinnerware made of?
All of our dinnerware is made out of porcelain.
Where are your products made?
Our dinnerware is made both here in our Los Angeles Studio and overseas. I consider it the best of 2 worlds. You get a very high quality porcelain body at a cost that is impossible to find within the
Where is my order?
It's coming. All of our products are made to order and production takes 3 to 5 business days + time in transit. If you live on the west coast time in transit is just 2 to 3 days if you're on the east